Offshore Webhosting

Offshore hoster comparison and rating

Compare the benefits and prices of different offshore webhosting providers. Depending on the features you need, prices are varying. If you only need a shared webspace package to host your website, prices are starting at 3$ per month. Here are some points you should keep in mind:

  • webspace: recommended min. 1 GB
  • mailboxes, email adresses: recommended min. 50
  • bandwidth: min. 10 GB or unlimited
  • databases: recommended min. 5
  • domains inclusive: 1 domain should be inclusive
  • control panel: recommended cPanel
  • subdomains: 50 or more
  • server location: in which country is the server located
  • billing-cycle: recommended monthly
Offshore hoster comparison

Offshore webhoster reviews and recommendations

Hoster Webspace VPS Dedicated Server Rating Rank
UnderHost available from 2.95$ available from 59.95$ from 99.95$ 100% rating
KoDDoS available from 8.95$ available from 9.99$ available from 450$ 100% rating
Shinjiru available from 3.95$ available from 11.90$ available from 49.90$ 100% rating
Internoc24 available from 3.95$ available from 14.95$ available from 49.95$ 0% rating
Genius Guard available from 9.99$ available from 149.99$ not available 0% rating
DDHP Security available from 10$ not available not available 0% rating
AbeloHost available from 5.99€ available from 9.99€ available from 52.80€ 0% rating
DDoSCure available from 2.80$ available from 30$ available from 110$ 0% rating
CCI Hosting available from 10.95$ available from 25$ available from 99$ 0% rating

Hosting basics

Hosting basics

The choice of a suited webhoster should be well-considered. Which services are required? In which country should the server be located? If you only want to host a website, a shared hosting package ist enough. If you are technical experienced or you need more resources, you can rent a virtual server (VPS) or a dedicated server. With a VPS you have full root-access, but you share a real server with other people. Though there are two basic kinds of virtualization: OpenVZ and KVM. With KVM you have a little bit more possibilities. For small and middle projects a virtuel server is mostly enough. VPS-packages start at 10$ per month.

If you need more resources or you have a bigger website a dedicated server is recommneded. If you want to rent a webspace package or a server you should consider, that a SSD-harddisk is included. The operating system of a vps or dedicated server is mostly Linux. If you decide to rent a server, Linux knowledge is required.

Dedicated server are starting at about 100$ per month. For all packages a DDoS-protection is available. This auxiliary service usually costs a little bit more. But this action is usefull, to protect against unwanted hacker attacks or spam.

An instant account activation is advisable. In this connection you pay with Paypal, Bitcoin or an other electronic payment system. The booked package is then in a few minutes available. You have no waiting time. Besides you can stay anonymous against the hoster. Some hoster offer the opportunity to stay completely anonymous.

Basically the price depends on your demands. How many webspace is needed? What bandwidth is needed? In which country you want to host? There are a lot of aspects to respect, before booking a hosting package. For smaller projects a few dollar per month are mostly adequate. When you run bigger projects, you often need a dedicated server.

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