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Offshore Hoster Shinjiru

This webhoster exists for more than 20 years now. Foundation was 1998. The head office is in Malaysia. Shinjiru operates 8 data center in Eurpe and Asia. The server are located in: Moskow, Singapur, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, Holland ,Sofia and Vilnius. The website and support are in English. Shinjiru offers the following services: shared webspace, vps-server, dedicated server and cloud hosting. You can stay total anonymous, because Shinjiru accepts Paypal and Bitcoin. The following payment systems are accepted: Bitcoin, Paypal, Perfect Money and credit card. Shinjiru has high claims. High quality and absolute dependability are icluded in every hosting package. They guarantee a server-uptime of 99.99%. The support is 24/7 available and is very competent and helpful. The aim is to offer cheap hosting packages with good quality. Shinjiru has an own anti-DDoS-protection network and so you are save from attacks. On the server runs the reliable apache webserver.

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How much costs Shinjiru? Which package should I take?

Offshore Hoster Shinjiru Before you finally rent a hosting package, should you ask yourself, which kind of webspace you need. When you have a small oder medium large webside, often a shared hosting package is adequate. For bigger projects you should think about a vps-server or a dedicated server. If you want to operate with own server, Linux erxperience is required, especially with webtechnologies like Apache or PHP. Shared webspace packages are starting at 4$. Virtual server (vps) are starting at 12$, dedicated server at 50$. The prices from Shinjiru are definitely competitive, because it's on of their aims to offer good prices combined with good quality. And they have a very good support.


  • the 24/7 support is a plus factor
  • guaranteed server uptime of 99.99%
  • use of fast server and newest network technology
  • low priced hosting packges for beginner
  • DDoS-protection and monitoring
  • partial slow loading time for customers from America
  • no DDoS-protection for beginner plans


Experience from: Admin Date: 12.01.2021 I'm watching Shinjiru for many years now. The website was always fast and good reachable. The support is very fast and competent. Moreover Shinjiru exists for over 20 years now, what stands for good quality, I think.

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